Factors affecting the cost of plastic straps

Nowadays, plastic straps manufactured from polypropylene and polyester have become a viable alternative to steel. Polyester straps became popular for applications where the iron edge surface of steel straps could cause cargo damage. Besides, the price of the straps is also a factor that consumers consider when choosing this type of strap. In general, the average price of plastic strapping is somewhat cheaper than steel. However, the product price still has a difference between each type of plastic strap. Let’s explore the factors that affect the price of straps in the article below!

Factors affecting the cost of plastic straps

Factors affecting the cost of plastic straps
Factors affecting the cost of plastic straps

The cost of each type of strap on the market will vary. Understanding the factors that affect price can help you buy the best straps. Here is a simple guide to the factors that affect the price of straps.

Straps material

Material is the first and most important factor, which directly affects the price of the strapping strap. The material is demanding in terms of strength, tensile strength, durability, elasticity, and resistance. From there, the efficiency of rowing will be more assured. Currently, there are 3 types of plastic strapping materials commonly used: Composite straps, PET straps, and PP plastic straps. Corresponding to the quality, the cost of the straps will gradually increase from PP plastic straps, the PET straps and the highest is the composite straps.

Product weight strapped

Think about your product being strapped. For light and simple goods packed in cartons or cartons, you just need to use PP plastic straps. But if you pack heavy industrial goods and require stronger straps, you need to use two more advanced straps, PET straps, and composite straps. With straps that can be tied directly by hand, it is less expensive than those that require additional strapping devices such as strap buckles, and strap tensioners.
See details on straps aids and how to use them here: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyzJex-Q8e8&t=339s

Quantity of straps

Buying straps in larger quantities will give you a more favorable price because there will be a discount according to the number of purchases. Also, different manufacturers have different minimum order quantities, which come with a specific cost. When purchasing straps, research the minimum order quantity required by the supplier. It will help you determine how much you will have to pay for the straps

Should you pay more attention to the quality or the price of the straps?

plastic straps
Quality composite strapping

Price is an important factor that Vietnamese consumers always prioritize when buying goods. However, product quality is a decisive factor, especially in the field of protection, packaging, and transportation of goods. You should pay special attention to the quality of the straps because:

  • Cheap straps will quickly degrade
  • Potential safety hazards: the safety of yourself, the carrier, the goods, and even the recipient.
  • Waste of time and money
  • Directly affects the reputation of the company.

Product quality is a prerequisite factor to pay attention to when buying straps. Quality sling straps will save you time, effort, and money in the long run as they are reusable. As you can see above, different factors affect how much you will have to pay for your straps.

Therefore, you need to carefully consider the level of product requirements, as well as the purpose of use and the strategy of your business. From there, you will actively calculate the budget and decide whether to invest in these strapping products or not.

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